10 tasks, purdy, and shrinkage

This is going to be a random post people!!

First off, did anyone else participate in Shabby Chic Cottages' 10 tasks in 10 days? Well, I did! Thanks to the weather, I was unable to accomplish 2 of my outdoor tasks (really, thank you weather!) But everything else on my list got done! That was fun. It really boosted my energy too and I got even more little tasks done.

One of my tasks was to finish cutting in our front entryway that we just made-over. I had recently recieved a free Purdy paintbrush and roller and I put the paint brush to use. And let me tell you.... I am IN LOVE! It took me literally half the time to touch-up than when I use a cheap, junky paintbrush. I have always bought angled brushes but Purdy has such a fine tip to the angled point and yet it holds so much paint. So I would HIGHLY recommend getting a Purdy paintbrush for your next painting project. The only time it malfunctioned was when I would sing and cut in at the same time (I don't recommend doing the 2 at the same time!) For my next painting project, I'm thinking I have to touch-up every other room with this purdy paintbrush so that it looks as professional as my front entryway! Thanks, purdy people!! AND...the people at Purdy brushes wanted to let you know that they have a live web site that is giving $3 rebates for people who purchase Purdy brushes so go check it out!

The third topic I want to touch on today is something that totally gripes me. I was in the bathroom the other day when I noticed that our toilet paper rolls have shrunken considerably. I flip-flop toilet paper brands depending on what's on sale (though I try to stay within Mr. GMC's toilet paper standards!) The brand that I'm refering to shrinking is Angel Soft. I got 12 rolls that are advertised as being more like 24 rolls because they're twice as thick, but we're talking 1.5 inches off the width. Seriously, how much money can this company possibly save by cutting back on our toilet paper! (On the other hand, how much toilet paper are we even really missing by this slight shrinkage - but that's beside the point!) So has anyone else noticed this? Are there any other brands that are doing this? Am I totally way too cheap for even being annoyed by this? It's just that I have noticed a change in my grocery bill - the prices go up but the products are shrinking! It's madness!


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