lights out

A few hours of gale force winds one night meant no power for us for 36 hours. Wow, what a pain in the butt! We ended up buying a generater to run our sump pump and refridgerators. My 28 month old, 1 year old, and I were at a loss for what to do with our day. (I had to stay home for half a day to watch that the sump pump didn't flood our basement). Half a day without tv.... it was bad. I guess my girls watch too much tv! But actually it was the darkness that drove me crazy. Our house is in a little neighborhood and the front of the house faces north and the back, therefore, faces south. (I do have a point - being that the sun rises in the east, sets in the west!) We stare at other houses on each side of us. Our house is positioned in a way that the sun doesn't shine down on us. But, the darkness did make me appreciate the candles. We lit up the house with candles. It made me think, why not light these candles more often, just for the heck of it? It's like the phrase 'use the good china'. Really, when it comes to decorating, a good thing to remember is that while we want things to look great, why not keep it useful and comfortable. It's so much more enjoyable that way!

I got this for $12. It sits above my piano and I love it :)


  1. Yes! Use those candles! They look great! I remember friends seeing my mantel candles lit one night and realizing they never light theirs! Just do it and enjoy! Sorry about the no power thing. Been there and it's not fun.

  2. fun!!! but your candles look great!!! We just spent almost a week w/o electricity and it nearly killed me. Glad you made it threw!


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