antlers in my mudroom

I've collected some antlers over time never knowing how or where I was going to use them.  And two of them weren't exactly attractive.  While going through some extra fabrics, I had the idea to wrap the mounts up.  I should have made a DIY of this but you really don't need lengthy explanations or pictures!  I simply wrapped it in a way that it laid nice and smooth on the front side and then just went to town with the staple gun on the backside!  

Here is the before:
 And after:)

Now where to put them.  I decided to change this wall up:

We've had this door/hook rack set up for a couple of years and it's fine but there are never enough hooks and it's just not my favorite.  Actually, our plan is to do plank boards on this wall but it's not a project I want to delve into while it's summertime!  So anyways, I wrapped the antlers
...and added IKEA hooks to this board...
...and put it on this wall (that's a radiant heater we've tried to work with!)...

And Voila!

That's better!  I'm certain that this wall wont' stay this way forever since I'm so over the beadboard here but for now, it works!  So what are you waiting for?!  Go wrap up some of your antler mounts!


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