the 'skittles cottage'

I'm so excited to share with you this adorable cottage we stayed at over the fourth!  It's eclectic in it's colors and design and the space produces a pure happiness!  It has bounced in ownership between two close families and the decor represents the past in such a beautiful way!  Just LOOK!

This yellow!  Isn't it adorable?  Passersby call it the 'Skittles Cottage'. 

This is pretty much the entire color scheme of the house summed up in one space!  And do you notice the fabric covering the ceiling?!  It's swatches of clothing from the entire family that was sewn together.  It's a humorous but also very touching!  That mother can probably vividly remember her littles growing up in those clothes!

 And this kitchen!!  Isn't it a hoot?!  I adore exposed studded walls and then painted a soft yellow?!  Swoon...!  And that lamp!  It makes me smile!!

The furniture is old but well preserved and just darling!  People must have been much tinier back then because even the smallest Ikea sofa is larger than these!

 You can just see on the wall below that there is an aqua built-in ladder leading to a small loft with a peaked ceiling and a window!
 Bright pink porch, why not?!  Happy, happy, happy!
 And the turquoise in this bathroom, so adorable!  The trim is turquoise, the towel bars are turquoise, even the toilet paper holder. is. turquoise!

And the colors all intertwined together with whimsical antiquity.....  A perfect happy place!