Garage Gym

DIY Home Gym. Turn your Garage into a Gym.  Why we choose not to park in our garage.  Why we stopped paying for a gym membership. More than just a New Year's Resolution.  Garage Makeover. Ugly Garage Solution.  Could have used any of these titles for this post.  But the gist is this:
our garage is now a playroom.

The Before!!!!

We wanted it to be a fun hangout for the kids and their friends.  So this is also where our TV and Wii is. We plan to have yoga, dance parties, camp-outs, and an open door policy to family/friends/neighbors.


A squat rack + bench, rings, bars + weights, dumb-bells, treadmill, aerodyne bike, jump ropes, kettle bells, a jump box... a rower is {hopefully} in the near future!! And critical to any gym, we have surround sound speakers set up.

We ran heat to the garage.  Then Jordan re-trimmed it nicely, drywalled, painted, new lighting, installed horse stall mats, grass carpet (we can even continue to park in our garage if we choose to!).  We already had a small stash of gym equipment since we already had a small home gym in our basement, but then we just slowly added to our collection with the intention of creating this gym.

 Garage Doors to be painted black :)
 Squat Rack is secured to the wall.
We wanted our kids to be able to join in on the weight-lifting fun so Jordan cut out these 3lb wood plates for them.  These are MDF, cut at normal bumper-plate size.  Tip: MDF is heavier than plywood but plywood might be longer lasting.  The kids barbell is a light-weight pipe with regular olympic ends, again for a lighter-weight solution.

 And they also have their own stash of light-weight dumb-bells.

This certainly isn’t attainable for every house and it may not make sense for every household.  But for us, this is a GAME CHANGER!

We can squeeze in a 10 minute exercise or play with the family for an evening.  All without leaving the house or paying for a gym membership! Gym memberships are great though!  And had we not been a part of one for those couple of years, we wouldn’t know critical elements of how to lift with safety.

We did CrossFit for 2.5 years and absolutely loved it - we were at our strongest and is infused many other areas of our life. 

But then life happens.  A season.  And it literally felt as though there was no time that made sense for us to spend at the gym.

Because we literally didn't feel like we had an hour and a half for the gym session of our choosing...

Because we didn't want to pay for it!

Because it meant it would take time away from our kids or if they were to join us, it would be a pretty expense family sport!

But health and fitness is important for us!  We want to stay active, we want our kids to enjoy it, and we want to be able and willing to squeeze it in according to our crazy inconsistent schedules.


Welcome to our very own garage gym!

(If an indoor garage gym isn't your thing, perhaps consider an outside ninja warrior course?!)
More to come, follow along with White Pine Construction on @whitepinedesign 


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