ten tasks....

I am taking this challenge; completing 10 tasks in ten days. If you've got random projects you haven't started, this sounds like a good way to get them going.

Here is my list:

Item #1: Making this list (this is time-consuming in itself!)
Item #2: Paint crown molding for my massage room.
Item #3: Finish cutting-in our front entryway.
Item #4: Finish painting a chair red.
Item #5: Hang one of our latest flea market finds.
Item #6: Decorate the front of the house for autumn.
Item #7: Transplant a bunch of hostas (ooo, I so hope I get this one done)
Item #8: Make curtains for the front entryway.
Item #9: Find fabric to re-cover a footrest (and hopefully get it recovered, too)
Item #10: Finish switching out our summer clothes to fall clothes.

There are so many more projects that I need to get done along with these. But for now, I'll just cross my fingers and hope to get these done.

What is on your list? I'd love to know!


  1. wow, look at your list! :-)

    I've got to paint one of the bedrooms, find a desk for our office and hang some pictures. :-)

  2. Hey, you've already accomplished #1! Way to go!

  3. Hi there! Just featured your entry way on me blog! Thank you! :)

  4. After like the first page all of your pics are triangles with exclamation points. I love your basement and was looking for more posts, but it appears your pics are missing.


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