half bath

Nothing about our half bathroom was done to our liking. But we knew it would be a job to make it over so we were patiently waiting for the right time to attack it. Six years later, the time was right! Jordan tore out the three levels of flooring (the ugly vinyl tile, the white and gray tile underneath the vinyl, and the original wood flooring beneath the tile) until he finally reached the sub-floor. Next came the beadboard... the worst part of the demo. Our walls are plaster and there is chicken-wire in the walls as well (to hold the plaster together). Removing walls around here is never fun or easy! After cleaning up the mess, we finally had a blank canvas to work with. Now we had to decide what we wanted to do with it. Our style around our house is something of a modern farmhouse with industrial decor. What that means to us is clean lines with old, natural materials. We have very similar likes and dislikes and with Jordan's talents as a carpenter, it was easy for us to come up with a solution for the space. This is what we came up with:

We put the horizontal boards in place and painted them. I absolutely love the look of plank walls! We got a new toilet, sink, faucet, and light fixture. Jordan built the sink base with some reclaimed lumber. We laid the wood flooring, sanded, and painted it white. Jordan turned the awkward, wasted space (unseen in the picture but to the left of the sink) into a closet. I painted the room in a white cream and the ceiling in my most favorite shade of gray. We're going to attack the mirror with some acid to distress it some and we still have to decide what to place above the toilet. Actually, we're pretty sure that some of Jordan's antique gears are going to be placed in that spot, we just haven't gotten to it yet.

This sink is one of my most favorite items in the house! I just love it's shape and size and I think it works so perfectly in this space. 

I searched high and low for a before picture of the bathroom but cannot find one. That is so unlike me. I think I snap a shot of a room everytime I paint and especially before we demolish a room. But not this room, I guess. So imagine with me: some cheap, ugly beadboard (that had been up since we purchased the house), an old toilet, a not-so-special vanity.  Also, there was a small, useless cubby where I stored the broom, mop, and vacuum behind a curtain.  But that space became an official closet.  We actually lost half of the size of the closet because the refrigerator that was butted up to it from the other side was pushed back (which meant another wall demo!)  But losing space in the already tiny closet just forced us to organize!  We put in these simple shelves which I love!  And I only use Norwex products (and you should totally do the same!) so there is plenty of space!

We love our new bath room! And I must brag about my husband here! He's just amazing and can make anything happen. We really enjoy working with each other and getting our kids in on the 'fun' too. I love it that Jordan can turn our conjured ideas into something that can be seen and...painted!

And someday I will take pictures of my home projects in the daylight where things are better reflected as they are seen!  But... realistically it isn't quite as orderly and clean in the natural daylight hours when my kids are awake!


  1. Awesome makeover! I identify with the challenges of making over a teeny tiny bathroom... You did a beautiful job. I love the plank walls, sink and the color you painted it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh man, when we did our bathroom makeover, i was super dissapointed to discover the chicken wire, too.

    this looks fabulous, and i LOVE the sink!

  3. That is the coolest sink I have ever seen! Such a great way to make use of the space you have! I am your newest follower! If you have time come check out mine!



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