home makeover

Wow.  I have not updated this blog in a looong time.  I'm kind of embarassed at some of the things I have done to our house in the past but it is still fun to look back on what we've done and how our style has evolved.  So I guess I'm back to posting on this website for awhile to continue documenting what we are doing and have done with the house.  A lot has changed since the last post!

We bought our home seven years ago and we haven't stopped reconstructing it since! We have replaced all of the trim, half of the doors, taken out two walls, finished off most of our basement, have added paneling, pulled out and replaced the flooring, new countertops, all new light fixtures, new sinks, added built-ins, painted (I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that each room has been painted over at least twice) and so much more. And still, the to-do list goes on.....
We have done everything ourselves and we love to do it. We love to get creative and with many projects we start in this 1950's ranch, we run into issues with the house we have to troubleshoot our way through. But the end result is always so worth it! It's our hobby, something we love to do together. Jordan and I have similar taste that has evolved over the years and we like to turn our ideas into reality. We do frequent check-ups on each other to make sure that the house projects are 'just hobbies'. It's important to us that we are content with our house. And we are. But we really enjoy change, too.
When we bought the house, we didn't foresee living here for too long. I'm not sure that we ever put a limit on how long we'd stay. We just figured something better would come along and we'd probably raise our family elsewhere. But we love this area and now our house is so custumized to our liking. We've made a decision that we'll probably be here for awhile. We're going to add another bedroom eventually to accomodate our growing family and, who knows, maybe we'll put the kids through all of their school years while we're here.
The house has changed more in this year than in any other, I would say. I've been wanting to post about all of these changes but just haven't even known where to begin! Also, I just don't feel like a room is ever complete over here because I've got all of these plans and intentions inside my head. But I don't think that'll ever stop. So here goes... I'm just going to take it one room at a time! Stay tuned....