the entry way

This is just the typical front entry that you would find in any other 1950's ranch. Except for a few changes: as you'll see in my previous post, we tore up the tile and vinyl flooring and laid down the wood flooring which we then sanded and painted. A few years previous to this, Jordan knocked out a wall and framed a doorway that now connects the front entry to the laundry room. And I put up the board and batton. It was a first for me in the carpentry department but pretty simple. The hardest and most time consuming part was actually deciding on the space between the boards. And something that we have to work around with our house is the radiant heat. You probably noticed the box on the wall...we have yet to figure out a camouflage. I would love a great light fixture as well but our ceilings are just not tall enough. Oh well! I am grateful for the change in this room.

This is what it currently looks like but (as with every other room in the house) it is subject to change.

Here is the before when we moved in.