Sooo... I love to blog!  It's more for myself than for anyone else.  Some people can keep track of everything in their heads.  I cannot!  We had four kids in 5.5 years... enough said?!  My brain cells have died off exponentially, people!  So this girl loves to (has to) document things!  Sometimes I feel like my mind is running at a mile a minute.  Blogging just helps me clear my head.  It brings me a sense of sanity, you know?!  And I love to visit the past.  Ever hear the quote, 'It's a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there'?!  That's what this blog is to me!  Sometimes looking back is somewhat embarassing but hilarious and gratifying to see the evolution of our home.  That being said, I am bringing this blog back!  I hope to: a) keep it updated, b) keep it interesting, and c) inspire you!  We have changed so much about our home and I have so much to share.  I love comments and suggestions and advice so let's help each other out!  Stick around for a completed tour of our 1950s ranch home from beginning (as in 8 years ago when we bought it!) to... present day!