just an idea....

I've been saving empty oatmeal containers.  Then tearing the label off, dusting out the insides, and filling them with craft supplies.  Those containers are handy for so many things!!  First time I repurposed an oatmeal container, I made a drum out of it for my little guy.  Then it became a piggy bank with a slit in the lid.  And now they are holding my kids' crafting supplies.  Bonus: I can write on them exacly what the contents are with chalk.  {kinda feeling like a genius right now}  You could do them up as fancy as you'd like or keep 'em simple.  So, what will your oatmeal containers become?!

P.S.  If you are rolling your eyes at this post, perhaps you didn't change umpteen diapers today, or have to spray your leg off due to a spit-up accident, or have to give a time-out for saying 'butt crack' and 'holy butterball', or have to sweep the kitchen floor for the third time all in just one day. 

I am feeling accomplished with my discovery ;)