I was hoping to decorate the house for Autumn this weekend but the kids got more excited decorating for Halloween.  I don't usually go overboard for Halloween because I don't think Halloween decor is tasteful. Mostly, I think it's just tacky.  But... when the kids help you decorate, it's gonna be tacky.  And sometimes, tacky is ok!  So we did some projects together and just had fun.  And they're not through with this house yet.  They want to go all out.  So hopefully I'll have more projects to share soon.
This is my favorite project.  We just used a picture we had and made it spooky with black felt.  I used just a little bit of painter's tape to keep the felt in place.  The letters are just blocks of plywood painted with chalkboard paint.  I've had them for years and can change it up all the time.

 This is the original in case you're curious :)  And these are 3 of my 4 kids.
 We decked out the laundry room shelves!
 This is our small collection of books that can be considered 'spooky'.
 We're Harry Potter fans and these are potion labels that we put on these fun bottles.
 My 6 year old daughter made the bunting.  She worked the hot glue gun and everything.
 And all 3 of the kids made these spider cut-outs. They used cotton balls for cobwebs and we just jammed the backs of the picture frames on.

Stay tuned for more....