flat panel doors

Of course our ranch home had to have flat panel doors.  Doors seem to be one of the first things I notice when we step into a home.  I'm not judging but paneled doors are just a much better look!!  We switched most of our doors out a few years ago... all except for our closet doors.  And that is fine.  I can be content with flat panel closet doors.  But how do you make flat panel doors more attractive?  Well for one, you can add panels or molding.  Just a simple 1 inch molding glued, nailed, caulked, and painted onto a flat panel door can really spruce things up.  And I have been meaning to tackle one of our closet doors by doing just that.  But working on our bedroom one day, I thought I'd get creative and draw on those plain ole doors.  So I got my supplies and went to work.
supplies- pencil, sharpie, eraser, level

ugly flat panel doors

Start by drawing level lines to follow and then write away!

 Erase lines and make corrections
 And you're done!  This is a favorite song and I thought what better prayer to have every morning when I rise!  Although, I read it more often when I go to bed.  Guess I should have wrote, 'in the evening when I shut my eyes, give me Jesus!  Either way works!

An extra tip for you, sharpen your pencil before you start so that you aren't too annoyed to have to quit what you're doing to fix it... which I didn't do and it probably took me longer because the pencil wasn't writing where I wanted it too!  Also, my 3 year old boy watched as I drew with permanent marker on the doors.  Probably not the best idea.

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