project: nelson

 My first official home interior design project!!  It was so completely enjoyable!  Thank you, Nelsons, for allowing me to come into your home and make it slightly better looking, many times while being enlightened by your adorable girls (seriously, I got sweet comments about my hair every.time. I was there!)

The Office/Playroom off the dining room:
before and after

back entry details
 Haddie-the hair-complimenter's Room:

sweet little closet nook

Sweet Baby June's Room:
before and after

Junie and friends:)

the framed letter is from the girls' uncle who passed away too long ago.

The Master Bedroom:
before and after 
a favorite, deeply meaningful quote on true love

The Porch:
before and after

Collages up the stairway:

The Living Room:
before and after

the most practical way to store toys: baskets

The Dining Room:
before and after

before and after

the wooden birds were a favorite past-time of her late grandpa

The Window Seat (it deserves a category of its own!):
Phew... feels so great to be done although I find myself constantly thinking about what more to do.  I guess I don't feel that a home is ever going to be finished.  But we accomplished the things of highest importance and I am satisfied:)  Truly loved working here!