all boy, all adventure bedroom

This room was such a fun project!  Little Simon was getting a new big boy bedroom!  It was an empty space and after talking things over with Simon's parents, we agreed on an all boy bedroom with touches of vintage.  I got to work.  However, there are so many ways to go with boy decor.  For my own sake, I needed to figure out how to keep this vintage boy's room cohesive.  I found this paper bag (see below) that read, 'When looking for adventure, leave the map behind.'  Perfect.  I cut it out and framed it and I feel that it pulled everything together!  I failed to get a close-up of the curtains I made for them.  I used these curtains from Target (in gray) and I absolutely loved the look of it!  Something else I wanted for this room was for it to grow with him.  And I think it will.  I hope that it feels like a room that works for the 2 year old Simon and the 10 year old Simon.

Here's the finished product!

(Note to self: if you see a cute bag, just buy it and use it for inspiration another day!  This bag cost me a couple of bucks and I was able to cut off one side and frame it.  Perfect!  There are so many cute bags that you could make a collage out of!)

This motorcycle rim!!  It's my favorite item in this bedroom!! 

It isn't easy to find toddler bed comforters that are cute and decently priced.  So this is a duvet cover from H&M that I had stuffed and shortened.