design styles

Mood-boards.... ever make them?  Well I never had but I'm taking a course in Interior Design and wow, I've been having to make a lot of these lately!!  Really excited to start another project either in my own home or in someone else's!  Here's a collection of some of my inspiration boards on different Design Styles:

'Classic Contemporary':

 'New York':
 'Shabby Chic':

 I am learning so much already... like, who knew that 'funky' is actually classified as a design style?!  As if I didn't already feel like I would burst if I didn't use any of this creative energy I have and am not always able to utilize, now with school taking up my {limited} free time, I just might explode!!  Getting way too many ideas! Do you have any favorite design styles?  Do any of these boards appeal to you?


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