paint markers, oil dispensers, spice jars... oh my!

Paint Markers!!!  Ever use one?  Well, you should!  The possibilities are endless!
I've used it before on coffee mugs. You draw on a mug and then bake it in the over to make the paint stay on.  This is a Harry Potter themed mug that I made for my husband for a stocking stuffer :) 
So lately, I've been trying to use more vinegars in my cooking and am trying to avoid packaged spices and instead, making my own.  So I had some bottles to put to use.  I polished off ;) a few of these wine bottles:
I cleaned them out real good, of course, and just tore off the label from the front.  Of course those labels don't usually come off nicely so I actually just jotted down the ingredient on the paper that was left stuck on!  I was actually kind of hopeful that all of the wrappers would stay on as well as the bottle shown in the picture below with the balsamic vinegar!  Then I shoved a pour spout on top and viola! - a slightly more attractive bottle.

Easy Peesy!  Although I'm actually thinking that I'll be doing this all over again with different wine bottles because I don't care for my handwriting AND for once in my life, I was ok with the label staying somewhat attached to the bottle but of course, just this once, two of them peeled off without much residue left behind!  

Then I hauled out these IKEA spice jars that I've been meaning to fill for far too long.  They're super cheap and I'll be back for fifty more because I love the look and ease of them!  I filled them with the spices I use most often, and put my paint marker to use once more.

Then I took a couple of these little spoons that come with the tea I occasionally buy: I strapped a couple of them onto the spice jars and tied some white twine to the lip where the lid sits and it actually stays put nicely!
It's the little things :)  And look at that salt!  Ok, maybe it's hard to tell but it's PINK!  It's Himalayan salt which is supposed to be better for you.  Anyway, it tastes better and it's so purdy!