This Girl's Carpenter

So initially this blog came to existence out of my passion for home design!  I love taking things to a whole new state of being and it has been so fun to see over time how our home has evolved, embarrassing at times, but so worth it!

My husband is an incredible, humble, mostly patient :), troubleshooting, design-loving, driven, creative, talented man who can accomplish anything he puts his mind to!  When I married him and we settled into our new home, I was inspired!  And encouraged!  And his newest student!  He taught me the difference between a phillips screwdriver and a flathead and the next thing I knew, I was hanging board and batten on the walls!  Home design is one of the things that has completely bonded and solidified our relationship!  And we have so much fun incorporating more of our ideas into our average ranch/rambler home.

So it only seemed natural for me to incorporate my carpenter husband into the name of my website: Girl Meets Carpenter.  But do you know what the irony is?  This isn't about us at all!

Allow me to introduce you to another carpenter that I'm desperately in love with:

Jesus Christ!!

Do you know Jesus?  Oh how I hope you do and pray you will!  Well, Jesus is the Son of God!  Seriously!!  He came to earth as a baby, born of a virgin (Luke 2).  He grew up in a poor household with two earthly parents and siblings but something set him apart from all the rest.  He was and is perfect, blameless, spotless.  And when he was of working age, do you know what he was?!  A Carpenter!!  He worked alongside his earthly father whom I assume taught him in the ways of carpentry.  And although it's only briefly mentioned in the Bible, I am pondering what it meant for Jesus to be a carpenter.

Something that I'm always trying to be mindful of is that I don't place too much value in material things.  Let's face it: designing is concrete: it's possessions, it's stuff.  Sometimes I really struggle with this love-affair of mine with design... is it vain?  Is it really that important to want and desire the things around me to be beautiful?

But then I read that Jesus was a carpenter.  What might that mean?  It means he had to pay attention to details, it means he had to work hard, it means he had to learn the ways of carpentry, it means that he took something ordinary and hammered, chiseled, sanded rough edges, polished, and created something beautiful.  It was an extremely skilled job.  But He was and is up for the task!

I've known Jesus all my life but only since high school have I really fallen in love with Him.  Jesus has taken this hard, selfish, impossible, wretched, sinful heart of mine and although He's got a lot of building to do yet, He is constantly inspiring, encouraging, teaching....  And it is a labor of His love.  Jesus owes me nothing.  But I owe Him everything.

When Jesus was about 30 years old, he shifted careers.  He began to minister, teach, and lead.  And some people hated him for it.  But he didn't give up on them then and he doesn't give up on us now.  Whether people hated him or even if they accepted Him, they/we are still sinners who fall desperately short of righteousness and therefore, there is no way we can enter the presence of a perfect Father God in Heaven.  Unless there is a bounty paid for the cost of our sin.  There was and is nothing we could do to save ourselves.

So Jesus sacrificed himself.  Jesus was brutally crucified for us (Luke 23.26).  The same hands that worked so hard, that healed many, that praised God were nailed to a cross.  Only for us.  While we were sinners.

Jesus died there on that cross.  For me.  For you.

But that wasn't the end.  In order for death and sin to be defeated, Jesus had to become master over it.  Jesus Christ rose from the dead 3 days later.  I know it sounds crazy but it is the truth.  This was over 2000 years ago and people are still talking about it.  Jesus appeared to many people after his resurrection.  And about 40 days later, Jesus was taken up to Heaven.

And there He remains.  He has left us with the Holy Spirit which is what inspires, encourages, and continually teaches us.

And do you know what Jesus is doing once more while He awaits our reunion with Him in Heaven?  He's doing carpentry work!  He's preparing a place for those of us who believe in Jesus, who admit that we are sinners, and commit our lives to Him!  And I believe that Jesus himself is putting the finishing touches on our heavenly home!

This is my Carpenter.  My first love.  My Savior and my God!  And as long as He is creating, beautifying, and working, I want to be doing the same, for his glory.  All the while, inspiring others, encouraging others, and teaching what I'm also learning.

When this Girl met this Carpenter, she was never going to be the same!!


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