room makeover in 5 simple steps

Are you STUCK in a RUT?  It happens to everyone... at least that's what I tell myself!  People ask me, 'How can I update my space without spending a lot of money but still create a change that I'm happy with'.  My answer usually consists of just 5 SIMPLE STEPS:

1.  PILLOWS!  New pillows can instantly excite a boring room.  Either buy a few or make some new covers with a favorite fabric if you're handy like that.  Watch for them to go on sale or sometimes ordering online gives you a discount and free shipping.

2.  ADD ACCESSORIES!  Above, I added a simple vase with flowers and placed it in a grouping.  It added height to the space and pulled together some of the other natural materials that I used in this space.  Watch the clearance racks for accessories, many times stores seem to change these out more regularly.  And just because something is clearanced or at the thrift store doesn't mean it's no longer attractive!

3.  NEW LAMPS!  I feel like many times when I go into a home, the lamps often catch my eye because they are outdated.  Since lamps are a source of light and volume, they are a focal point.  Which means if you don't love it, it should be replaced or redone!  If purchasing a new lamp base and shade is out of your budget, try repainting the base or wrapping it with twine, and replace only the shade.

4.  END TABLES!  Another item that is easily outdated in many of our homes.  Again, watch for sales of tables, search flea markets, and thrift stores, or build your own.  There are so many great websites for how to build tables.  Or the most frugal thing you can do: anchor a floating shelf on the wall (a corner would work great!) either with our without brackets (make sure it's done properly!)  But the very easiest solution: go to Target!

5.  A GALLERY WALL!  Haul out any/all picture frames and group them together on the wall.  They can be mismatched or painted to be uniform.  Research groupings and recreate the look that appeals to you most.  This gives a space a great focal point and is something that'll stay fresh as you can change it up as you please either with the photos or  non-photo items.

These 5 steps can easily be incorporated for $250 or less (much less if you're frugal and creative!) but give you a whole new atmosphere.