decorating with nature

I like moss.  So do my kids.  And we love to go on hikes in the woods.  It feeds our addiction of collecting different mosses.  At first, this is what we did with our humble moss collection:
Simple enough.

My daughter then found a large moss carpeted piece of bark and we did this:
And then our moss collection had suddenly grown to this:  

With four kids and a husband that loves rocks, outdoor elements are always making their way indoors!  My kids had this setting here one day: bark filled with acorns, twigs, and stones, so I put our bird S+P shakers into it.  It made them happy!  They like to decorate too!

 And this moss sprig was found at a store and I dressed up our simple dining room chandelier.  It makes me happy!

And if concrete is considered natural and outdoorsy, well we've got a lot of that going on too!  This is a little tea light candle 'votive' that I made.  My first diy concrete project!

So do you bring the outdoors in and use it in decorating your house?!  I hope I'm not the only one because it's a lot of fun and keeps the decor timeless!