autumn decorating time!!

The combination of this chilly morning, my cup of coffee, and the autumn sky made me suddenly anxious to decorate for fall!!

I haven't been the least bit ready to say goodbye to summer until this weekend when I wore jeans, boots, and a jacket!

So I hauled out the Autumn Decor Tote and I'm all in now!

Project one:  The entryway!  It's the first place we and our guests typically enter through and it sets the stage for the rest of the feel of the house.

I like to usually do all-natural decor using only real pumpkins and mosses and sticks and textiles.  But this year, I want more color and personality.  Something a little more unexpected!

So our front entry is a little more playful this year!  Not pictured: pumpkins!!!  Once I buy some up, they'll adorn all of the empty spaces!!

My Anthropologie-inspired felt leaves.  A super easy DIY craft that even the kids can help out with and can be done in any color combination.
 Some painted branches and driftwood in a container for some vertical movement!  And my most favorite 'measuring stick'!

 Insert pumpkins on our shoe storage cubby system and along the floor!!

 Viola!  (for now!)
And here's one of me and my lovely (allergy-ridden) assistant! 

I'll {hopefully} be back soon to post more of my fall decor!!


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