the heritage homestead

This farmhouse I'm about to feature is extra special!  A close friend lives here and she also happens to be my sister-in-law :)  She is near the top of my lists of:  'People Who Inspire Me' and 'Decorators Who Inspire Me'!  So let's meet Jess!

Jessica is a home-maker but that is not a career taken lightly.  Not by any home-maker I would dare say, but especially not this lady!  First and foremost, Jess loves Jesus!  Jessica loves her family- she has an amazing husband, Jeremy, and four awesome kids, Sam, Anna, Elijah, Matthew.  Jessica is a farmer.  Jessica is a gardener.  Jessica is a fantastic, original, clean-food cook.  She crochets, she knits, she sews. (Ask her to re-activate her etsy page!) Oh... and she prepares hundreds of cans of meat, veggies, refried beans- you name it!- each year to get her family of 6 through the winter!  Jess has severe food allergies and it has challenged and changed the way they live and eat.  They also get regular food from their chickens and duck, pigs, and any wild game that they shoot throughout the year.  And she does is all in stride!  Not only is she talented in ALL of those areas, she also has a great sense of design!  When I first met her when I was dating her brother, I would just wander through her homes, in awe of what she came up with.  Her husband used to be a builder and carpenter (and man! does he have great talent!!) and this is their sixth home.  I can remember my favorite elements of design from each and every home they've had since I've known them.  They do things on a budget but I believe that encourages their ingenuity!  So I wanted to share just a glimpse of their home with you (because Jess can show you the rest)!!

 In their kitchen, they have open shelves with adorable plates and teacups!  And the best blue paint color!  I have officially labeled it 'Jess' blue'!
They have black countertops and white cabinets.  And the wall that has the sign on it once had wallpaper over it.  They took that down and sanded and that's the look you see there now.  It looks like an old, original, distressed wall.  And I love it!


 Above the stove is this unique star pie plate and next to the stove is a simple board that Jess can slip her recipe cards into.
 There's Jess... the Farmer's Wife!  And a simple collage of art she's collected.

This is what used to be their dining room but now has been converted into an extra den.  Again... that blue behind the bookcase!!  They covered the ceiling and I think it looks really great even without being painted!

Did they buy these metal letters?  Heavens, no!  Jeremy made them!
 Here's just that simple board nailed to the wall again where they can easily interchange pictures of loved ones onto it!

 And... an art gallery!  Each of the kids have inherited artistry as well!

Their living room: Notice the curtains Jess sewed (they are just darling!) and her cute desk area.  The rusted metal plate was found on their property and it's as old as it looks! And useful too!

 She doesn't believe me when I praise her for being a wonderful mom and utterly creative and all around amazing!  But someone else agrees with me as you can see in the note below!

 Where did they buy this frame, you ask?  Oh, they didn't.  It was made, again, by Jeremy!  And that's the fam in the picture!  It's pretty much the cutest Christmas card you've ever seen!

 This painting created by Sam, their oldest son.  Told ya, even the kids are artists!

The bathroom: Jess distressed this cabinet and I'm disappointed that the picture doesn't do it justice.  It's done to perfection!  And again, (sigh) that blue!!

 And a re-fashioned pillow-case becomes a cafe-curtain. It is just perfect in this space!
 Jess is the queen of DIY!  And she doesn't even need Pinterest for the inspiration!
 And outside is just as dreamy!  The hen-houses, garden, farm-stand, woodshed.... it's the whole Farmhouse package!  Just see some of her blog yourself!

 Just some sun iced tea on hand.  And a place to lounge after their hard-day's work!  Again, built by Jeremy.

Isn't it all so great?!  Farmhouse perfection in my book!

Jess is an excellent blogger as well and funny as heck!  Remember, she's an excellent cook and you can bet it's healthy and whole!  She's even made the Gooseberry Cookbook TWICE!  Here's one of the recipes! They also brew their own beer and make their own wine!  You can read more from her here!  Go! Go and explore her blog and Instagram and show her some love!

Love you Jess and Fam!!!