a dining room update

So nothing around here stays how it is for long!  We love to mix things up and we love change!  A year ago, we replaced our kitchen table with one from World Market.  We love it but for the longest time, we just had some temporary chairs around it.  Chairs that creaked and groaned every time you sat on them.  Our guests were always afraid!  But we finally managed a trip to IKEA and solved that problem!  Three new chairs for the one side of the table along with the high chair that we've had for 8 years (and four kids!).  And for the other side of the table, um... well, we bought a sofa sleeper.

Yes, a sofa sleeper!!

We love to entertain and sit around the table and we found this sofa sleeper to be the exact length to fit our table.  And it was comfortable, affordable, and (we think) fashionable!  We had to add a few inches to the height but that was easy peasy!

We put the extra leaf and leg in the table to extend it for the couch and voila!  Our dining room has been changed up again!

Right now it is decorated for Christmas :)  We LOVE to decorate for Christmas so much!  My kids seem to think that I've gotten carried away with the bunting/tassles/beads over the window but I think not!

And for our tablescape, I have an old register that I like to use as a centerpiece.  It's very easy to change things up but keep it all cohesive!  And I can take just a couple of plants off and it takes the place of trivets!

I love to have natural green plants, candles, diy cement projects of ours... all natural decor that is whimsical and timeless!

So here's the before just a few months ago:

And here is the after:

And some recent tablescapes:

 What do you think?!  Are we absolutely crazy for having a sofa sleeper as a bench for our table?!  I'd love to hear!