camp 'woodland' bedroom

I was asked to design a two year old's room to be something that can grow with him.  There was no particular theme in mind at first.  At two, it's hard to know what a little guy is really passionate about.  Some people will do a car or sports theme for their boy but who knows if they're really going to be into that!  But this characteristic is true about most boys: they are little adventurers!  So my mind went to the outdoors.  It's natural, neutral, and timeless!   And who doesn't love the outdoors?!

Little Elliot's room turned into a Woodland Camp!

Here are some before pictures:

And the after (it was a bad-lighting day for pictures, btw!):
I wanted to place these branches a bit lower or do a whole bunch on the wall but realistically this two-year-old-adventurer would be all over that!  So they're up higher for now!

Painting these branches is such a fun DIY!  I can't wait to do more sometime (but for my own home!)

 Just a few extra touches....

 It's so fun when your client helps you pick out the bedding!  We both really loved the H&M comforter with the triangle pillowcase from LOD.  I found this sweet plaid pillow in green at Home Goods and the green sham at Target.  The lamp is Target as well.  The bed is the client's own that will maybe someday be stripped and stained but it adds to the natural wooded element for now!

 I LOVED picking out prints and creating this collage.  It can easily be added to and pictures can be swapped out!
 Teepee picture above is my own creation.  The compass sign below is Target.

 The animals and tree prints are all from different Etsy shops.  They're all absolutely amazing!  The Aztec print below is from Target, as well as all of the frames.

 This dresser was the splurge of the room from Land of Nod!  It's in midnight blue and just gorgeous!
The letter 'E' is Target, everything else was from flea markets and antique shops.

This floating shelf was from Home Goods.  Under the window it is the perfect little bookshelf or can be a desk.  We had wanted to incorporate a desk but you can't always have it all in a small room.  This was the perfect solution.  And how about that camping chair?!  I found it for a steal at a flea market!
 Hobby Lobby had a great selection of some woodland/outdoors themed items.  I loved this little bookend.

When working within a budget, not everything you purchase has to be brand new.  There's a lot of charm to be found in old pieces!  Here are some of the collages I put together for this room as we went along.  Hope they can help you if you want to do a similar theme!