Cottage Home Perfection

My in laws have lived in 4 homes in the 13 years my husband and I have been together!  And with each home, they have customized it in unique ways that I am always crazy about! My mother-in-law is a constant source of inspiration for me! Before we were married, we would go to flea markets with them (still do whenever possible!) and I was always inspired by how she would incorporate the oddities she would find!  

When they purchased this home, they asked us to help! So we all got to work! And here are some snippets of the finished product.
Ikea kitchen cabinets for the win!!

Ikea furniture with white slip covers.  And notice all of the carefully selected accents!

Jordan designed and built this mantle around an electric fireplace they had.  He designated a concealed placement for the components as well.

Planked wall around the bay window and beadboard above.

And a very large wall going downstairs done in shiplap as well. Also a fresh new banister.

The spare bedroom

And the master bedroom which is actually 2 small bedrooms joined together.

So many details every where you look:

This is the basement composed of a couple of bedrooms (storage for now and a craft room) and a place for the grandkids to hang out.