Thursday, September 24, 2009

re-purposed register

I love the look of old registers. Love, love, love them!! So when I found one for $10 at a consignment shop, I had to get it. It's one of the more plain-looking ones but I still had a bunch of ideas for how I could use it. I cleaned the cob-webs off of it and tried a bunch of stuff. What I finally decided was its best purpose was this:

I made the magnets, too. (I have duplicates for sale on etsy!) And all of the pictures are my nieces and nephews. I had a bunch of ideas but I was limited because the back of this has a reel with 5 slats to open and close. I had seen old registers re-purposed as magazine racks and they're really cute like that but it was impossible to do with this one. I think I'm going to have a new addiction when it comes to old registers!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

entry room makeover

The latest house project that we've had going on is our front entryway. Before the makeover, there was trim and crown that we really didn't care for and white tile with white grout.... Seriously, who's idea was that? It may look nice in other people's houses but not in mine. It was so hard to keep white!! So after nagging at the hubby for a couple of years, we finally made time to re-trim and re-floor! And I am so happy with the results. First, here are the before shots when we bought the house:

And these are the way-after shots:

Don't look too closely, I still need to do touch up and Jordan has to put the shoe down.
Jordan also put in a doorway to connect our laundry room to the front entry and now our basement stairs (which are in the laundry room) feel more included with the layout of our house. (I keep dreaming of a new house someday that isn't from the 50s and so rectangular!) Our house has this 'radient heating' system and that's that box you see on the wall. It's another kind of annoying feature of our 1956 home. I tried to think creatively about how to camouflauge it but painting was the most clever thing I could come up with! Should I keep the boat in there with the vintage pictures of boats behind?
And these are the "we'll just paint it all for now and make it all over later" in-between pictures from the years we've put off this project!

The ugly crown molding, above, and the wall full of pictures, below.

So what d'ya think of the finished product?