Thursday, August 20, 2015

on maps and globes....

Something I always consider when decorating is how long will this be 'in'?  I love a trendy home but I also love a timeless home!  I love to incorporate touches of design that will last no matter what styles come and go.   And I feel like maps and globes will stand the test of time because they are tangible pieces of reality!  Whether they're so old they are no longer factual or simplistic with a more modern edge, it is history and timeless all the same.  And globes, with their different sizes, colors, and abilities to show longitude, latitude, altitude... they are just so fun!

So naturally, we have incorporated some globes and maps into our home.  The first map I'll share with you that is in our living room is our absolute favorite!  It is a map of Paris from 1734!!  And the map itself is 6.5 ft x 8.5 ft with a 2 inch custom frame.  This map originally came in black and white but we stained it to get more of an antique look to it.  It covers the largest wall in the living room and we've never regretted that decision.  It is gorgeous and we get lost in it's detail all these years later (4 years after putting it up!).  Occasionally we have our sofa or loveseat against this wall and I was never able to get the decor just right on this wall that enabled us to still change up our seating prior to putting this map up.  I tried collages and whatnot but it was always much too busy.  This is a huge focal point but at the same time, it's never overwhelming or out of character or out of style for that matter.  Actually, it is the only thing that hasn't changed in this room in the last four years!!  Check it out :)

 These show about 2-3 inches of the detail in this map.  It is absolutely incredible and you can see how we can get lost studying the detail over and over!

The other map we have displayed in our home, currently in our dining room, is this old school map.  It's a bit more vintage than our Paris map and I love it!  These maps aren't easy to come by and when you do, they are usually a couple of hundred dollars.  We've been spying out drop-down maps each time we are at a flea market, antique shop, old building.... but they are never to our price-bracket :)  We got this one for a steal- $25!!  And that was without bartering!  For now, it is displayed in our dining room. It would be a great, colorful, educational piece for our basement which has our kids' main play area but then it isn't enjoyed by us adults as quick!  So this is where she'll stay for now!

And then we have our globes.  The smallest one is from the global bazaar that Target used to have.  This was like a decade ago that they used to do this... not sure why our Target hasn't kept going with it?!  Maybe it's because we can go to World Market for the same experience which is where our middle sized globe is from.  And the largest globe was a flea market or antique store find.  All different and I like the impact the colors have in our darkened basement playroom/theater.

 If you're curious about the rest of our basement, check out what is behind this bookcase (hint: the bookcase is a hidden doorway to another realm!)

So my vote is buy maps and globes and I have a feeling you will find places to use them for years to come!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

shelf hanging tutorial

We've had this awkward space above our stove for way too long.  It's where the hood used to be but it was such an ugly one and wasn't very effective.  So we ended up tearing it out so we'd have to get a new one.  Well, we never did!  But it has been driving me crazy!  Eventually we are going to push the cabinets up tight to the ceiling (there's an 8 inch gap as it stands now) and then we'd also get new cabinet fronts/boxes.  But again, when that'll happen... who knows?!  But that's ok.... we're content!  Except for I knew I could do something about that ugly space.

Put a floating shelf in there!  One $5 Ikea shelf that we had left over would do the trick.  Viola!
And anyone can do this install!  Here's how I did it in just a short amount of time.

Step 1:  Measure your space.  Measure the board.  Mark the spot.
Step 2:  Measure your space AGAIN!  Measure the board!  Don't skip this step!  Mark the board.

Step 3:  Cut the board exactly where you have your marking.
Step 4:  Pre-drill some holes into the surface that you will be screwing the board into.
Step 5:  Put your board in the space.  If you've cut it exact, it should be a tight fit.  I put the cut side in place first because of the chance that the board could split on that end when you bump it in... and that's what you do next: bump the other side into place.
Step 6:  Get you level.  No, don't eyeball it, get your level!  Make sure the shelf is level!
Step 7:  Get your drill again, use the pre-drilled holes to secure the screws through the wood and into the shelf.  Make sure the shelf is still level before setting each screw.
And that's that!  The screws you use and how many will depend on the size of the shelf and what it's going to hold.  My shelf only required to screws on each side.
The spice jars are all from Ikea and you can see how I modified them here.  The oil dispensers is also a DIY project you can find there.

Hope that was helpful!  It's really just that simple as long as you have a tape measure, drill, driver, level, and screws!  Get to it!!