Friday, June 11, 2010

laundry room

I am pleased to announce that after owning our house for just about 5 years, we have finally made-over our laundry room. I have despised our laundry room since day 1. The biggest issues I had with the room was that it was waaaayy too white for me and the placement of the washer and dryer were ridiculous! We made a few improvements over the years but, of course, I was never satisfied. Finally, our washer and dryer pooped out and we were forced to buy new!! And that's when my husband decided to get to work on it. Soooo {drumroll please} here is the new and improved laundry room:

We did everything ourselves (meaning my husband did most of it!) so we saved a lot of money! Here's a complete list of everything we did to the room:
Paint, new flooring, bead-board wall with crown, old door on wall with hooks, new trim all throughout, new washer and dryer, new countertop, raised cabinet and put on feet, bead-board backsplash, corbals and rope lighting under cabinets, crown trim above cabinets, took cabinet doors off and organized... and I think that's all!

These are the only before pictures I could find of the room:
we were moving in...
(the 'in-between')

Thursday, January 21, 2010

chalkboard paint projects

Don't you just love chalkboard paint? I know I do!! So here are a couple of projects that I did yesterday. This is a before picture of the first project:

I loved this little hook rack just the way it was but the yellow didn't really work well on my 'straw' colored kitchen wall. So I took the little emblem thing off and painted it with chalkboard paint. I kept the emblem thingy and I have a plan for it so stay tuned... But this is the finished product:

It holds me and my daughter's aprons - aren't they cute? And then I had this old window (which I love old windows!) that was in our bedroom and I decided to turn it into a weekly calender. I hate big old-fashioned calenders so I record everything in my little purse-sized planner. But I don't check it everyday. And being pregnant, I'm very forgetful so this is a great reminder of what I have going on week by week. Before and after:

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laundry room transformation

I'm finally getting some energy again and with it, I have started tackling the house. I had some loose ends to tie up: some painting jobs, some decorating issues, and some organizing I had started. The week before Thanksgiving, my husband got h1n1. And after caring for him and sanitizing and sanitizing and sanitizing (which I think kept me and my girls from getting it!!) I was about to lose my mind. So what did I do.... buy paint! And paint I did. I painted our laundry room, living room, and half of our half and full bathrooms. That is a LOT of painting. And each wall took 2-3 coats! And I pulled my back out because of it. I wanted to create more unity in my house. I was tired of every room being a different color. So I went in search of a 'straw' color to unite the rooms. I found 'ginger' from Eddie Bauer. It was a little more yellow than I predicted but I really like it. Especially since it replaced brown -it has really lightened up the house.

But this post is going to concentrate just on my laundry room. This is my LEAST favorite room of the house and it's generally the first room that people see. Let me show you the (way) before picture:

This is the best picture I could find... we were apparantly moving in! When we come into our house from our garage, we walk right into this room. When we bought the house we were thrilled about our big laundry room. Now it makes no sense to me. Not only is it unnecessarily huge but the dryer is in such an odd place. Is that not the stupidest way to set up a washer and dryer? Whoever came up with this floorplan.... grrr!! We are going to move the dryer next to the washer eventually but it's going to be a time-consuming project for my husband and he just isn't jumping on it! So I've done what I can to try to make it as eye-pleasing as possible until my husband can fix it. Here's the after picture:What do you think? We have since added a bead board wall with crown molding, changed out the flooring, and knocked a wall down so our front entrance is connected to the room (in my 1950s house, this makes it flow just a little nicer since our house is so boxy!) For now, I think I can move onto the other rooms of my house until my husband decides to fix the odd placement of the dryer! (And don't even get me started on our washer and dryer! Oh how I dream of having pretty front loaders some day that hum instead of clunk!!)