Monday, January 27, 2014

flat panel doors

Of course our ranch home had to have flat panel doors.  Doors seem to be one of the first things I notice when we step into a home.  I'm not judging but paneled doors are just a much better look!!  We switched most of our doors out a few years ago... all except for our closet doors.  And that is fine.  I can be content with flat panel closet doors.  But how do you make flat panel doors more attractive?  Well for one, you can add panels or molding.  Just a simple 1 inch molding glued, nailed, caulked, and painted onto a flat panel door can really spruce things up.  And I have been meaning to tackle one of our closet doors by doing just that.  But working on our bedroom one day, I thought I'd get creative and draw on those plain ole doors.  So I got my supplies and went to work.
supplies- pencil, sharpie, eraser, level

ugly flat panel doors

Start by drawing level lines to follow and then write away!

 Erase lines and make corrections
 And you're done!  This is a favorite song and I thought what better prayer to have every morning when I rise!  Although, I read it more often when I go to bed.  Guess I should have wrote, 'in the evening when I shut my eyes, give me Jesus!  Either way works!

An extra tip for you, sharpen your pencil before you start so that you aren't too annoyed to have to quit what you're doing to fix it... which I didn't do and it probably took me longer because the pencil wasn't writing where I wanted it too!  Also, my 3 year old boy watched as I drew with permanent marker on the doors.  Probably not the best idea.

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diy plank ceiling

How do you add character to such a mundane ranch house?

Our 1950s ranch lacks character, to say the least!  So in every project, we are trying to add it.  Elements that are unexpected and charming!  This is an EASY, CHEAP, and relatively FAST solution to a room that could use some character building!  Here is the finished product:

Here's our formula to put this look up on your ceilings!  Plywood, paint, table saw, nail gun, pencil.  First, paint your plywood.  While it dries, figure out how wide you want your boards, how you want them staggered, or if you're going to have them butt up to beams.  Rip your boards down to the sizes you've chosen (but don't do this unless you know what you're doing AND you've done it before!).  And then go to town!  Start in one corner of the ceiling and work your way out.  Choose how big you want the gap between each plank to be.  Use the eraser of your pencil for a guide and try to stay consistent in this!  Once you get to the opposite side of the wall, measure and cut your board as close as you can without having a huge gap between the drywall plank and the wall.  As you near the end, you may find that your last board isn't going to be as wide as the others.  That is fine, just very accurately cut it down as you get to that point.  Fill your holes and touch up.  Beginning to end, each of our ceilings took a whole Saturday.  And we love the results!!

The ceiling really adds some depth and character to the room now.  And even though we have low ceilings, I feel like the planks actually add height!  Go on, now, do it yourself (actually you're going to want a helper and maybe someone with table saw experience!)

pantry face-lift

What pantry couldn't use a makeover?!  Do you have a pantry?  Is it cluttered?  Is it organized?  Is it embarrassing?  Do you scurry over to it when a guest is reaching for that pantry door?  Do you open it just enough to grab what you need before said-guest sees how overturned it is?  Well, that was my story!  And what was worse is that our pantry is visible to our entire kitchen and dining room.  It also has glass and an automatic light to showcase what's inside.  Not only that, but my kids could see through just enough to bug me about snacks every time they walked by.  Enough was enough!!  I did something that I should have done a long time ago....  I moved all of our food out of that pantry and into cupboards out of my kids' reach and out of sight!  I brought in our fancy-shmancy dishes and glasses (ok, actually if it was glass or white, it was good enough) and turned that pantry upside-down!

Before (like exactly how it was before I tackled it!  Eek!!):

And after:

 Eventually, I would love to get our microwave out of there but for now, it works!)  Notice we do have a cage-thing over the glass on the door and since the clean-up, I've considered removing since it looks nice when the door is closed but the light is shining on the glass.

So go.... Now!  Go organize your pantry, if you have one, and see how pretty you can make it!  Oh, and you can thank me later when in the moment you open that pantry door to grab that chocolate snack you remember that it's located somewhere else and in the time that it takes you to think through where you put it, you actually end up talking yourself out of eating it in the first place.  You're welcome :)

PS:  Do you like our sliding barn door?  If I get enough interest, I can compose a tutorial on how my husband managed it and on the cheap, too!!

TDC Before and After